A Shameful Fabulous…

It’s the proverbial rock and a hard place, for the modern woman. Be pretty, be smart, and be capable. Handle your business, and look good while doing it. Own your sexuality. And yet, when a woman does all these things, she is viewed suspiciously by some, feared by others, and hated by a few.

One of the first things we learn as young women, is not to “think too much of ourselves”. We deflect compliments, lest we be considered conceited. Stuck up. A bitch. As if somehow, feeling pretty, or knowing we are smart, and capable makes us “less than.”

How many of us, when told, “You look beautiful”, respond with a dismissive, “Oh, I do not.” Or “No, my hair is a mess.”

Why have we, as women, done this to each other? We’ve conditioned ourselves to aspire to be less than fabulous. And then, ironically, we struggle with being less than perfect, never feeling good enough. The tragedy is, that WE are doing this to ourselves.

Here’s a new thought for a new year:

Be fabulous. Love women who are fabulous; enjoy and encourage and nurture their goddess-hood as you embrace your own. There is infinite room, for all kinds of fantastic women, so be your own beautiful. Do not ever be afraid of the knowledge that you are wonderful, and don’t dim your exquisitely unique light out of fear.

There’s no shame in being fabulous. Love who you are. Be who you want to be. Wear crimson on your lips, flowers in your hair, or rock a three piece suit. Be kind and loving. Find your positive goddess energy and go forth into this new year, taking pleasure in the women around you, and always, always allowing them be as fantastic as you are.

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