I am not an activist. I do not have an agenda, and I am not here to promote a platform. I do think people should be able to love and be loved in whichever consensual format they choose. And that includes monogamy.

I believe that monogamy is fraught with peril, but all human relationships are. Polyamory is no picnic either, and unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there using the trendy “poly” label to justify poor behavior. Conversely, there are those in the poly community who are sincere and earnest in their belief that “good poly” is attainable and desirable. What rubs me the wrong way about a few very enthusiastic proponents, is an attitude that somehow polyamory is on a higher figurative plane. That polyamory is for the evolved and the enlightened. And worse: that those who choose and desire monogamy are emotionally immature, out of touch with their feelings, and victims of a social construct that seeks to oppress humanity.

I don’t want to be a voice for polyamory. I just want to be a voice for honest and loving human relationships, as I see them in my own world. At this point in my life, I am firmly ensconced in a polyamorous relationship, but I still wonder sometimes if a year or ten years from now, I’ll be just as vested, just as happy, and yes, even just as lost sometimes, in a monogamous relationship.

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