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I’m debating.

Special Man Friend has a name. (It’s not actually Special Man Friend.) It’s awkward to type Special Man Friend each time I want to refer to him here. It’s also not very catchy, not particularly charming, and does not roll off the tongue easily.

I do call him Mister often, along with a slew of other pet names that are much less manly. Darling Man and Sweetheart are in high rotation. I can’t reference his chosen career. I could call him The Philosopher, The Fisherman, or The Smart Ass, though I suspect that last one might get me in trouble.

He is exquisitely adept at the following: Doing many things in a short period of time. Knowing the smallest bits of trivia possible. Making surprisingly good grilled cheese sandwiches with exactly one and one half pieces of American cheese. Finding good places to eat. Rolling his eyes at me. Choosing the perfect gift. None of these skills lend themselves to a fitting nickname.

Mister it is.

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