I have been waiting (with bated breath, yes) for this new little blog of mine to hit the magic number of 5,000 visits. Today, It. Has. Happened.

I want balloons and confetti to drop on my head! (Okay, not confetti. That stuff lingers. I’d be pulling it out of my curls next month.)

I always wanted to write. I always thought I could write. In college I took a creative writing class. It was one of those ~Sit Around And Deconstruct The Process~ classes, which meant a lot of talking and sharing and criticizing and that just didn’t work for me. I was a small girl, with an even smaller voice, and after I turned in my final portfolio, my professor wrote across the front page:

“If you can write like THIS, why didn’t you participate in class?!”

Some people just don’t get it. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t participate. I was timid and scared and the idea of speaking outloud to that room of forty-ish people made my stomach hurt. I knew I could write. I also knew that the things I was writing were unlike anything I was hearing in class, and that terrified me.

I don’t know why 5,000 feels like a magical milestone for me. I stayed up late last night waiting for it. It didn’t come until this morning, and as I sit here quietly, with my coffee in front of me and my son making toast, it’s a glorious moment. And it’s mine.

I hope everyone gets moments like this.


5 thoughts on “~Hit~

    1. I have no earthly idea. I had one popular piece that still gets a good amount of traffic, which is ironic because there are other writings I worked harder on and even like better. I guess you can never predict what’s going to take off… And thank you! I’m kind of excited today! ~Ginger

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