I do love flirting.

I’ve got a new little online friend who says the sweetest things to me, with just a subtle undertone of more to come.  It’s the perfect balance of expectation and a light-hearted back and forth with another person, who is still a mystery to me.  I enjoy the tease, and the anticipation, wondering what might happen.  He lives hours (and hours) away, and we have a coffee date planned for an upcoming weekend when I am in Portland for a girl’s weekend.

Polyamory simply lends itself so easily to different types of relationships.  Significant to casual, time-intensive to intermittent, there’s freedom to allow things, people, relationships, to grow organically;  to be what they are going to be.  My new friend is smart and funny and open, and he lives far away.  So what.  Maybe we will be great friends and occasional lovers.  Perhaps there won’t be an iota of chemistry, and coffee will be the end of it.   Then again…

That’s pretty hot, right?

(I really hope that Portland doesn’t read this before we have coffee next week.  But he probably will.  Because that’s how awkward girls like me roll.)

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