This week is Meta’s birthday. I want to get her a unique and interesting gift.

Because she is unique and interesting.

She’s amazingly intelligent and she has an ass that I would kill for. (It’s a little bit intimidating, that ass; that’s how perfect it is.) She has great taste in shoes, she’s athletic and strong, she reads and reads and reads. (I’m fairly certain I couldn’t ever give her a book she hasn’t already read.)

Mostly, I just want to give her the perfect gift because I want her to know how important she is to me, and the effect that she has on my relationship with Special Man Friend. I think that for a long time, she and I were waiting for things to be easy, to be perfect. She and I didn’t choose to have each other in our lives. But SMF chose each of us, and that means we are linked. I wrote “Five Things”, for her, and because of her. She is a huge part of my experience with poly, and I’ve learned so much about myself, in processing what it means to share a partner with another person. With her.

So the gift has to be unique. I want it to mean something, even if it means more to me than it does to her. She’s my people. She’s my constellation.

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