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My girls’ weekend in Oregon, which was slated to start today, was necessarily canceled due to a darling friend’s family crisis.  I am worried about her, I am worried for her.

I am also pouting a little bit.  I was so looking forward to exploring Portland.  Wandering and discovering is one of my favorite things.  I had an art museum, and a giant bookstore on my must do list, along with a coffee date, but other than that, I was determined to soak up all the unplanned people and places I could find.  So I’m just a touch melancholy as I start my weekend.

I suppose I could go explore my very own city, but it’s entirely too easy to look around my house, and see all the things that need to be done. I may be able to spend some unplanned time with my guy, but even that is up in the air, due to his work and other obligations.  Maybe I’ll be productive today, and give myself Saturday for some solo girl-time.




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