Tonight is a local poly meet-up in my medium-sized city, and I’m looking forward to some grown-up time with interesting people.  At the same time, I’m just a little bit burned out. There’s such a small poly presence in my town, and I’m stuck, not knowing how to reach out to other like-minded people.  If only some big poly activist would move here and organize a bunch of fun events and find all the non-monogamous people so I could have some new friends…

I keep hearing about this person or that person working on a book about polyamory, but none sound like the book that I want to read.  I don’t want a bible on How To Do Polyamory The Right Way.  I don’t want a history of non-monogamy, or a dissection of the varieties or flavors of the different kinds of poly.  I want someone to tell me that imperfect people can do good poly, and that I can feel jealous, or insecure, or *gasp* even resentful, and it doesn’t make me a big fat relationship failure.

I’m going shopping.

This rant brought to you by too little sleep, too many restless dreams, and too much morning coffee. ~Ginger

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