A funny thing happened on the way home from my date with the Sheriff.

I wrapped my car around a tree, three hours away from home.  It was daylight, I was wearing my seatbelt, I wasn’t texting or distracted.  I had glanced out the window to see if an upcoming business might be a good place to stop for a potty break, but when I looked back at the road, there were two vehicles at a dead stop on a one lane highway and I could not brake fast enough to avoid them, so I went off the road, yadda yadda yadda; embankment, airtime, tree.

It was horrible and scary and I’m still processing.

The trip itself was enjoyable, and Sheriff proved to be pleasant and interesting company.  For some reason this damn concussion is preventing me from writing about anything with clarity of thought, so I think I’m going to sleep now.

12 thoughts on “~Pause~

    1. Apparently, once they are sure you’re not actually bleeding in your brain, you can sleep all you want. I’m just disappointed it was such an unfortunate end to a really good date. ~Ginger

  1. *insert appropriate expressions of concern, relief & support*

    Let me know if I can do anything from 3000 miles.

    *supportive, gentle hug on rough body*

      1. I have a thesaurus full of gentle, soothing words which I can send your direction.

        BTW: this was not the salacious & awaited report on the Scrabble date that we were looking for.

        Your “convenient” excuse about possible swelling of the brain & needing to deal with adjusters does not excuse your tardiness on the report, Ma’am.

        Rest up.

    1. Yeah, it pretty much sucked. Especially being in healthcare, it was bizarre to be on the other side of it. I think I was a horrible patient… Kept trying to talk them out of things like “What? I don’t need an IV.” Then when they insisted on not one but TWO IVs, I apologized for being a horrible patient, and then promptly told them which veins to use. Politely, of course. 🙂

      1. haha, yeah, us people in healthcare are often terrible patients. My boyfriends refuse to listen to me anymore about whether or not I need to go to the doctor.

        – Kitty

  2. I’m glad you seem to be okay! Take your time getting back into your routine – you’ll probably need to process everything from time to time. Take the time to do it. I hope you feel right again soon.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I have been taken a little by surprise at the emotions I am dealing with. I love the phrase “feel right again”. It will come. ~Ginger

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