Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013

Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013

I will be in Ohio in November to take part in this new national Polyamory conference, and I couldn’t be more excited!  There has been a lot of work and effort put into making this a memorable and enjoyable weekend, and I can’t wait!  Check it out, come if you can, and pass it on!  Early bird pricing for about another week…

(And if you DO come, shoot me a message and let’s meet up…I’d love to put some faces to some readers.)


2 thoughts on “Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013

  1. I’m so excited for you! Have you wondered how this blog will change as a result of your appearance at the conference? I imagine you’ll have many more followers. What, more specifically, will be the focus of your talk? Do you think it’ll be recorded so we (your blog fans) can listen to it later? You go, girl!

    1. Ummm…I hadn’t really thought about that. I don’t think the blog will change that much on my end. I write for myself, and though it is kind of fun when I have hundreds of hits in a day, I’m just as attached to the things I write when I have 25 hits. Here is the link for the class descriptions: I’m doing two sessions. As for recording it? I have no idea, but I kind of hope not… I battle stage fright, and knowing I was being recorded would increase my self consciousness. (Shhh, that’s a secret about the stage fright. Usually I fake my way through it, and nobody ever knows…) ~Ginger

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