Almost every day since my last post, I’ve had something that I’ve thought, “I should write about this.”  And each day, other things have taken priority.  I should have taken notes.

In about twenty-four hours, SM and I are leaving for Ohio.  I am facilitating two classes on Saturday, for a small poly conference.  I decline to say “teaching”.  Somehow, that sounds like I’ve got all the answers, and I’m some kind of expert, which I am decidedly not.  I am looking forward to this experience, though to be honest, my presentations are not quite done.  I suspect that no matter how extensively I prepare, I will leave feeling like I had to wing it.  I refuse to write a script.

I have a lot to do, between packing and finishing up these classes.  It’s a calm panic I’m feeling.  Mostly I’m happy to be doing something outside of my comfort zone.  I always feel good and happy afterwards.

My daughter, who is seven, had downloaded an app onto my e-reader that was called “Fashion Icon”.  I’m thinking dress up, paper doll type game, so I was particularly surprised when her interactive game allowed her to flirt, have a drink with a boy/man, and “lose confidence” when she was deemed not as fashionable as a competitor.  I hated it.  If you flirted with a boy you passed on the street, your other boyfriend would dump you, because, she explained, “You can only have one boyfriend at a time.”  And never mind if she wanted a girlfriend.  Everyone in Fashion Icon city is straight.  And monogamous.  And horribly insecure.

Also, chocolate apparently was the solution for a lack of confidence.  Now that’s a good message.  Let’s self-medicate with food.


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