This week has been a killer. And by “this week”, I mean just the last four days or so. In a nutshell:

1) The weather has been ridiculous, even below zero. I’ve always said, that if there was a hell, MY hell would be freezing. I strongly and utterly detest being cold.

2) My son’s car needed a new starter, which I did get done, and apparently, a new gasket-thingie and new tires. Which will have to wait. (The gasket is just leaking, don’t panic.)

3) I’m planning a cookie swap party on Saturday, and I’m not sure if anyone is coming. The kids and I will have a good time regardless. My family is not as close as I would like, and I thought this might be fun, but I fear I’m putting too much weight on it.

4) I floated downtown to the big sister hospital on Monday night, which always makes my brain hurt because I don’t know where anything is, and I don’t know the other nurses, so nobody really talks to me.

5) I came home Tuesday morning from work to a very cold house, and a furnace that proved to need to be completely replaced. Which led to service technicians, space heaters, farming the kids out for the night, no sleep for me, and a brand new furnace, which was installed on Wednesday.

6) I got a new puppy.

Pictorial forthcoming, featuring both the puppy, and the expensive new furnace.


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