I have nothing to do today.

Actually, I have a lot that I should do.  I just don’t have anything that I have to do.  No schedule, no obligations.  It’s glorious.

The wedding was tiring and stressful.  But most importantly today, it’s just simply over.  Special Man was a good friend throughout it all, and I think that I only annoyed him a little bit as we neared the end of the evening.  I get overloaded around a lot of people, in big social situations, and after three days of meeting people and making small talk, with the kids also over stimulated with cousins and family and unfamiliar territory, I found myself retreating to the kitchen of the church under the (very valid) guise of helping with keeping the food tables stocked.  Special Man hunted me down a few times and dragged me back to see certain key events: bouquet toss, father daughter dance, video presentation.

It has been nice to see my sisters who live far away, and I enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews and how much they have grown.  It’s surreal to think that some of my sisters have young adult children, with lives and relationships and autonomy.  I have known these children since they were born.  I watched several of them being born.

Feeling my mortality today.  Not in a morbid way, just in a Circle Of Life kind of way.  I‘ve got a couple days off to catch up on life, and the kids go back to school tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to resuming regular life.

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap.

Regular posting will resume when I wake.

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