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“Stop inviting walls into wide open spaces.”

I saw Buddy Wakefield a few years ago, in a tiny dive bar in downtown Boise. He was too large for the shabby venue, and there was so much awesome in his words that I’m sure the dozen or so people in the audience may have missed it entirely while drinking cheap beer and weak drinks.

I always come back to “The Information Man”, as it about as perfect as can be in giving me blissful ideas and beautiful words. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. Because I will love it enough for both of us.

6 thoughts on “~Listen~

  1. … because even at your worst
    you are fucking incredible.
    It comes honest.

  2. this is fan-damn-tastic. thank you for sharing it.

  3. Hey Ginger….great link I found on the Lyrics as well……. http://www.buddywakefield.com/tour/journalearlyarchives/000130.php

    Love his words…funny, insightful and profound…:)

    • I don’t like reading this kind of poetry nearly as much as I love hearing it, seeing it performed; spoken. Youtube is a great place too, for some great spoken word pieces. ~Ginger

  4. You have hurt me to my core. Well done. Jesus.

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