If you blog about poly, you are an activist.

Some of you know this already. Some of you are thinking, “I’m just writing about my life. I’m not an activist. Why would anyone want to be an activist?”

I don’t know if anyone wakes up one morning and decides to be an activist. I don’t know if anyone says to themselves, “Self, I want to be a poly activist and the best way for me to do that, is to start a blog. Yes!”

Here’s the thing. There’s a huge poly community spread across the world, and yet, in my face-to-face life, I interact with few, truly polyamorous people. I have very few examples of successful, healthy, honest, long-term non-monogamous relationships. I felt weird, and alone, for a long time.

Then I started blogging.

People found me. All of a sudden I was aware of this network of people who were trying to do good poly. I saw kind and thoughtful people who were seeking out others, and who were becoming stronger in their convictions about love and life, as they learned and explored. I made contacts with ethically non-monogamous people all over the place. I began to feel a sense of community.

I didn’t feel weird anymore.

And that’s activism. That’s what all you badass Bloggers have done for me. I read what you write, and I nod my head as I read. I get it. I feel it.

I see you.

11 thoughts on “~Grateful~

  1. For me it is easy to discredit the small changes that I make in some peoples perceptions. Being surrounded and grounded by people who share lifestyles/ideas and struggles helps me to break out of the shell that I normally inhabit.
    Thanks for posting and reaffirming how kickass we are.

  2. Thank you for this Ginger! I can’t agree more! Part of being an activist, in my opinion, is making sure people get good information. I met a very monogamous woman last night who spent upwards of half an hour trying to convince me that poly people are just like kids in a candy store who want it all. I think most thoughtful poly people realize that getting it “all” is impossible, and we’re far from kids. Keep it up!

  3. Well, I hope the online activism translates to real world engagement.

    “Out” Poly thought leaders are hopefully involved in their local LBGTQI community centers, sex positivism and touch positive groups, and attending discussion groups, listening and leading.

    I say this because – as a poly blogger of six or seven years – a lot of what we’re saying to our audience is academic/conceptual echo chamber material; even preachy at times, talking down from a moral/ethical pulpit … As if being poly should give us license to define how relationships work. Yikes.

    Time to walk the walk, talk the talk, help others by listening, leading. Be an instrument of change of their local community. Rather than critiquing relationship styles from above high.


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