I’ve been asked a few times if my little poly network knows that I blog about myself, about my relationships, and about them. I’ve been asked if it affects my writing, if my important people do read what I write.

The answer is yes. They know. And yes, it affects what and how much I share.

I’ve actually debated starting a completely anonymous blog, so that I can put more out there, but I can’t realistically maintain two blogs, and I love this one like a favorite cousin.

I write about me and my perspective. I try to respect my others, and remember that they didn’t really consent to being characters on my Poly Nirvana stage. A few months ago, an acquaintance at our local non-monogamy discussion group, asked CC’s boyfriend, MSquared, how it felt to be famous because he’d made it into the blog that week. (I’m pretty sure MSquared was not impressed by this overblown tidbit.) However, it left an impression on me, and I try to tread lightly. You will not hear me talk extensively about my metamour, CC. I know it would make her uncomfortable.

If I had it to do over again, I might start my blog and keep it absolutely anonymous. Then again, Poly Nirvana has become such an experience and a joy for me, that I’m not sure I’d want to have to keep it a secret, and not share it with my people.

Really, I have no advice as to what others should do when contemplating putting their writing out into cyberspace. It’s a pretty personal decision. For me, it is what it is, and I’m pretty happy with my real life peeps knowing that I write here. It comes back to bite me on the ass from time to time, but I can deal. I’m a big girl.

One thought on “~Reality~

  1. I feel the same. I’m glad my blog is known to my kinky friends. If it wasn’t I feel I’d be harboring a bit secret!

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