~Daydream For A Succubus~ (BOAW3 )

This is absolutely NSFW.  


As I have gotten older, I have come to a place where I can reconcile my sexuality with my mainstream socialization that “nice girls don’t”. I was forty-two years old before I discovered the pleasure and beauty of my own sexuality. My sexy. My sex.

My sexy is mine, and mine alone.  There are no rules or stipulations put on me, except for those I put on myself. Pleasure, for pleasure’s sake, is beautiful and lovely and desirable.  I take pleasure in good food, in glorious music, and in the lush desire I feel when I allow myself to be fully submerged in the fullness of my sexuality.  I still argue with my inner nice girl.  Stop, I whisper.  Nice girls DO.  Own your beauty.

~Daydream For A Succubus~

I am a nice girl. A wholesome girl. Little old ladies love me. I am kind to animals; I love herbal tea. I crochet things for people I love. And I have a happy little thought that floats through my mind, countless times, every single day.

I love cock.

Some days I find myself just biding my time until I know I can have it. I try to keep myself busy, but I’m just filling the hours until I get my hands on my very favorite thing. I think about it, I salivate over it, I masturbate to the memory of it. My body simply waits for it; no matter what other distractions come… whether fingers or toys, they are simply a substitute for what I am begging for in my head.

And then, the time comes, and you are within reach. I cannot sit still as I try to make conversation, to engage in proper social etiquette. Your eyes fall on me, and my voice catches in my throat. Underneath my wholesome good girl exterior, I am a panting, breathless whore for you, and I don’t want you to know. Not yet.

You make me wait for you, until every cell of my body is screaming to have you. Finally, I feel you pause against me, barely moving, until my world goes dark and my body has no purpose outside of feeling the whole of you inside of me.

So give me cock. Give me that moment, the moment when my body finally relaxes as you slide into me and I exhale slowly as I am finally given what I love. Take my breath for your own: that single whisper of air that exits my body as you enter it, belongs only to you.



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33 thoughts on “~Daydream For A Succubus~ (BOAW3 )

  1. YES! “Good girls” can, and should, embrace sex! Huge kudos to you for not only stepping fully into your vibrant sexual self, but sharing it with the world; you never know who you might inspire. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the fest!

  2. Yes! Loved the bravery of this post, Ginger! Mathair’s bold like that and it’s a trait I envy. I’m still young and rather conservative when it comes to sex and sexuality, but Mathair’s open and has raised me and my brother to be open. Funny enough, her children are rather straight-laced. LOL. Mathair loved your post and informed me she will be quoting lines from it all day in random moments…. hopefully not when we’re in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, though. 😉

  3. That was a gorgeous and sensual read. Absolutely nothing wrong with a good girl who craves cock. Heck, I AM one of those ‘good girls.’ Thanks for helping to steam up my monitor today. 🙂

  4. I had to google succubus… You are SO exactly that! In fact, I think you’ve visited me…. (gulp) Thanks for another great post!

  5. Okay, that was hot! 🙂
    I argue with my inner good girl all the time. It’s really something that has kept me from letting go and enjoying different opportunities.

    1. My forties have been amazing. Sometimes I wish I had figured some of this stuff out years ago, but regret is a killer and I’m just focusing on the present… Thank you for your comment!

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