I have a girl crush.

Actually, I have several of them.

But for now let’s just pause to reflect on the fantastic Miss SeattlePolyChick.

That girl can write about anything.  I don’t know how she does it, but I have been touched by posts about her car, her dog, her poly, her broken foot, her divorce, her fun roommates, her new apartment.  I’ve gotten to hear about kink things, family things, sexy things.  I fear if I ever met her, (which I fully intend to do), I would be dumbstruck by her awesomeness.

(Also, she has a fantastic ass.)

Then there’s Wonder Woman.  Who doesn’t have a crush on Wonder Woman?  She’s strong and tough and independent.  (Except when she was swooning over that Colonel.  I never enjoyed that part.She’d get all sparkly eyed and smiley. When I was a girl, I would roll my eyes and long for the episode where she returned to the island to visit her goddess sisters.)

This week at work, one of my fellow nurses told me about a book written about the creator of the Wonder Woman character.  She was so excited to tell me that he was polyamorous, and that Wonder Woman was inspired by his wife and his girlfriend.  Who knew?  (Apparently everyone except for me.)  Last weekend for my birthday, CC gave me shiny Wonder Woman panties, with a cape.  For your bum.

So there.

Feminism and fetishism: The origins of Wonder Woman

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