I have been rewriting my personal story of late, or rather, mercilessly editing.  The pages of me, are marked with heavy slashes of red, arrows pointing here, paragraphs moved there.  There are typos that make me cringe, and places where I’ve used the same word over and over, repeating myself mindlessly. I sit, with fresh eyes and a mental thesaurus, reviewing and mulling.  

I admire people who can critique themselves, and come out the other side better for it.  I sat with an old friend recently and listened to some of her regrets, and watched her beautiful face as she acknowledged mistakes she made during an ungraceful time, and she did this with such utter grace,  that I wanted to hug her and whisper “Shhh. Water under the bridge, dearheart,” but I knew she needed to say it out loud.  I listened and I was taken in by the moment.  It was lovely to witness, this self-awareness and growth, and I can only take her personal revelations to me as an example of how grown-ups assimilate their life experiences and then move forward.

I am not always as graceful as this.   

But at least I’m still trying.

One thought on “~In-Between~

  1. Trying is a good thing . Remember that….some people never try at all they are just trying…..ha..a little joke there…:)

    Keep it at…I know I am …what else are you going roll up into a ball like an Armadillo? Armadillos have armor, we don’t… but then again if a big semi truck comes by while they are rolled up into that ball of Armor…SQUISH! No amount armor will save them.

    I have no idea where I was going with that….just trying to make you feel better….hope I made you at least smile at my stupid analogy… 🙂

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