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I keep starting blog posts, then losing interest after a paragraph or two.

Or, rather, I start to think to myself, This is dumb, who wants to read about this? And then I try to think of something more interesting, more insightful, more…just more.  My draft folder is full of snippets and incomplete thoughts.

Here are a few.

My 12 year old was just diagnosed with lupus.  I don’t know what this will mean for him specifically, and I am somehow both pissed off about it, and numb.

I get to fly to Seattle with SMF in a month for a real vacation and to spend some time with my sweet friend who I adore, and whose anonymous blog name which I gave her, I cannot remember for the life of me.

I have a date tomorrow with a girl.

I have a super exciting announcement but I can’t tell anyone yet.  Grrr.

We are getting a new puppy in the morning.  That’s not the exciting announcement, but it is kind of exciting!

The end.



3 thoughts on “~Reboot~

  1. Sounds like a pretty full and fulfilling life to me. Not boring at all!

  2. I’m happy for you that you get to go to Seattle.

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