I am going to write all the things I have been hesitant to write.

Ok, I am going to write some of the things I have been hesitant to write.

I’m starting now.  I am going to write every day for ten days.  I miss my blog, but as with anything, if you lose momentum, it takes conscious effort to regain the habit.

I loved Seattle.  Like really really loved it.  I had good chats with my sweet friend, looked at beautiful art, ate fabulous food.  We hot tubbed and played with fire.  Special Man Friend and I had difficult conversations, and lots of sexy time (though not at the same time.)  It was a luxury, no kids, no work, and a big comfortable bed.  We took naps.  My sweet friend and her partner spent time with us, took us out to dinner, had dinner in with us at our little cottage.  We had shopping dates and lots of intense conversations about people and things and polyamory.  Sometimes it was awkward.  For some reason we all spilled our guts about things we were taking issue with at one time or another…I’m not sure why.  We joked that it was the magic couch in our cottage living room, things just kept coming up.  Hurt feelings between partners, discussions about pasts and futures.

It was awesome.  It was also draining.

My sweet friend needs her own incognito Poly Nirvana blog name, but I haven’t found the perfect one for her.  She’s sweet and energetic, cute and passionate.  We talked about exploring some sexy energy we have felt with each other, and while it was a great visit, the sexy time didn’t materialize.  At first I felt sad about that (so sad), but I am patient, and if it happens someday in the future, then woohoo! and if it doesn’t, then woohoo also, because she is an awesome person and I love having her in my life.  I wish she lived closer, but at least we are on the same side of the country.  Maybe I should just name her Miss Seattle.

Actually, that works perfectly.









One thought on “~Experimental~

  1. Thanks for writing this. I’ve been wondering how it went in Seattle. Even though you didn’t say much, I feel like I can picture it well. Looking forward to your 10 day stint.

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