Day two of writing whatever the fuck I want to write.

Miss Seattle and I were talking one day about these nice people I had met.  A couple.  I joked that surely, they didn’t think I was a unicorn.  A few days later, I realized, that I was very much in unicorn territory.

And I liked it.

Miss Seattle and I also decided that there was no cute term for this couple, as in being the counterpart to a unicorn…and while they are certainly individuals, I do refer to them as a unit at times.  We brainstormed cute and mythical nicknames, names which would be worthy of a magical unicorn, such as myself.  (I am so not a unicorn.)

Eventually we came up with Narnias.  This refers to the elusive paired poly people who are interested in a unicorn, but are open and happy with individual relationships with her (me) as well as a group dynamic, as long as everyone is feeling good and consensual about it.  It may be used in the singular, or in the plural.  “Hey, look at this cute picture of my Narnias”, for example.

It’s intended to be tongue in cheek.

It does, however, give me great undercover names for them.  Mr. Narnia and Ms. Narnia.   I wish I could just call everyone by their real names.  I don’t, and can’t, for several reasons, but the biggest one for me, is that I need to be able to write unflattering things about people without outing them. When my blog was totally anonymous, I was able to do that.  Now that Special Man Friend, and CC, and Ms. A and a dozen other people read me, it becomes hard to not censor myself because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.  Or I don’t want to disregard their privacy, or share things that they are uncomfortable with people knowing.  As long as I can keep them mostly anonymous, I have more freedom to tell my stories.

On the other hand, if people close to me do read me, they recognize themselves and they recognize my others. I know some of my people have been hurt or uncomfortable because of the picture I paint here.  I know that I can never give a complete picture.  I can only focus on a few pale shades of what I see, of what I feel.

I like the Narnias.  I like them when we are all together and I like them when I am with each of them individually.  We’ve flirted and kissed and had a little bit of sexy making out. We’ve had some fun and interesting dates and I’m looking forward to more.  It’s been a little bit of a struggle lately to find face to face time, but it will happen.  Ms. Narnia has just had surgery on her knee, injured while doing arial yoga, so that hasn’t been fun.  I am feeling positive about seeing what happens next.

Day Three tomorrow!



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