When I used the word “polyamory” for the first time with my Dad, I told him, “It’s kind of a trendy thing right now.” He and his girlfriend looked at each other and laughed, and she said, “We definitely aren’t trendy.”

Unfortunately it’s become such a watered down term these days, inconsistent in it’s definition from person to person, that any time someone tells me they are polyamorous, I feel like I need the backstory.  “So”, I usually say,  pretty early on in the conversation, “what does that mean to you?”  I want to know what the reality of their polyamory looks like.  I want a quick down and dirty overview, especially if I’m having a conversation with someone interesting, or someone I’m attracted to, or considering dating.

I’ve been living life quietly lately.  I’m busy, I’m occupied, I’m involved in many things, except dating.  I got tired; I got burned out.  I wasn’t having fun any more.  So I stopped a couple of months ago.  It’s been nice and I needed the time but I’m ready to restart my Tinder account and to revisit my OkCupid profile.  I likely need a complete rewrite, but I think that will have to wait a few weeks ago.

I’m producing and directing RelateCon 2018 again, and an event of this depth is pretty time consuming and energy intensive.  I’m excited to see the bigger polyamory community come together in this environment.  I truly love conferences and community, and I’m excited to connect with old friends as well as meet tons of new people.  I’m gearing up to be “on” as Ginger all weekend, which is no easy feat for a self-proclaimed extrovert-leaning introvert.

But I’m excited.

2 thoughts on “~Trend~

  1. I visited the relatecon website… looks like it was a great lineup! I hope it went well. There’s a conference in Portland called Polytopia. I didn’t get to go to any of the events this year, but maybe next year. Keep up the great work!

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