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I take my children to Pride every year.  We go as allies; though none of us wear signs or nametags to identify ourselves as such.  The kids know I have dated across the gender spectrum, but I don’t identify anywhere, with any label.  That ambiguity may be my own personal confusion, or something else entirely, but the fact remains that I don’t see polyamory as an orientation; it’s just another way to do relationships.  I think we are so far removed from biology when it comes to this subject, that debates about how our “caveman ancestors”, or the bonobos… structured relationships by instinct…make me want to stick forks in my eyeballs.

I choose polyamory and non-monogamy.  Some people choose monogamy.  And then there are others who choose to present as monogamous, but pursue non-monogamy as a secret vice. No wonder everyone is confused.

More thoughts as we start on Pride season, from Mel Mariposa.

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