My youngest child, and only daughter, is twelve today.

She frustrates and confuses me sometimes.  She’s brilliant, opinionated, detail oriented, and a blatant perfectionist.  She wants things done right.  She cries when she is angry.

Then I have to remind myself.  She frustrates me, because she is like me. 

And I don’t know exactly how to help her be any other way,  because what I’m best at, and have the most practice at, is being an opinionated, blatant perfectionist.

Crap, I got that from my mother.

For real though, I am parenting her mindfully, and with awareness of the lessons I’ve learned and hopefully I’m teaching her at least some practical techniques for managing her anxious feelings and the frustrations that she feels from being who she is.  She is wonderful.

She just needs to learn how to control her power, like the unsuspecting superhero who stumbles onto a ferocious supernatural gift, which will either be used to destroy everything, or can be harnessed and used with intention to make the world a better place.

I’m rooting for my little superhero.

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