One year ago today, I posted my first writing on Poly Nirvana, titled “Perfect Poly”. I actually had written it a year before that, out of frustration with the larger poly community and this feeling of not fitting in anywhere; of not being evolved enough to feel true compersion, or mature enough to not everContinue reading “~Year~”


My ex-husband is getting married. In two weeks. I found out about this a week ago. Being formerly LDS, and married in the LDS temple, where “eternal marriage” is considered the most holy of ordinances, I received a letter from the church asking me my feelings about him being “sealed” to another woman. “Hallelujah”, IContinue reading “~So~”


My ten most recent Google searches, with no comment or explanation: 1)  “my top ten google searches” 2) “how to improve sex drive” 3)  “accidental butt sex” 4)  “muse tattoo meridian idaho” 5) “bronycon Salt Lake 2014” 6)  “machiavellianism definition psychology” 7)  “how to use a curling wand” 8)  “asics rainbow shoes” 9) “poly nirvana”Continue reading “~Ten~”

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