Guest Post: a simple transparency

 Gratitude to the local poet who penned this piece, and granted my request to post it here.  I find her words amazingly descriptive and beautifully concise.   all that was apparent to her became transparent to you dried up daisy chains of pinches of color whispers of dead leaves and delicate petals to remind meContinue reading “Guest Post: a simple transparency”

Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013

Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013 I will be in Ohio in November to take part in this new national Polyamory conference, and I couldn’t be more excited!  There has been a lot of work and effort put into making this a memorable and enjoyable weekend, and I can’t wait!  Check it out, come ifContinue reading “Beyond The Love Polyamory Summit 2013”


I choked. Special Man and I were at dinner with Dad and his long-term girlfriend. And I was emotional and not feeling well; I had all but decided to let things go for another conversation, another day. After all, why did Dad need to know anything about my alternative relationship structure? Who the hell cared?Continue reading “~Spoken~”


My dad grew up in an unhappy, sometimes violent, certainly emotionally abusive family.  His father essentially abandoned his family when my dad was 16.  He left for another woman, with whom he’d had an affair and subsequently married.  My dad swore he would never ever do that to his children, or to the mother ofContinue reading “~Patriarch~”

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