My name is not Ginger, but I am a redhead. I am a regular girl, with children, an ex-husband, and a conservative, religious, monogamous background. I came to polyamory almost by accident, and I can say now, that I am very much a different woman than I used to be. And I like that.

I have a significant relationship with a man who has been married for twelve plus years. His wife is lovely. Polyamory is hard, but we just keep trying. I like to say it’s the wonderful awful sometimes.

I am single. I am partnered. I am available. I am happy and I am loved.


Unless otherwise attributed, all writings here are mine.

I love to write, and I love having something to say.

(Also, I am an adult, and sometimes I use adult language to make a point.) ~G

10 thoughts on “~About~

  1. I just found your blog and I can relate with just about everything you have written about!! I have been searching for a blog such as this since I got into my first/only poly relationship. I look forward to reading more of it.

  2. Thanks for following my blog! Hope you find it interesting, I think we are struggling with many of the same questions, even if from different perspectives. Whatever our relationship choices, it helps to illuminate our biological nature and social conditioning. Biologically, our drives are not very difficult to understand; the art is only in accommodating them within the socioeconomic structures that we are used to or can imagine and choose. For my part, I think the experience of lived polyamory has helped shed light on some of the questions, but it is not the final word and has its own problems. By bravely trying to live according to our instincts and values, though, we contribute to developing urgently needed directions for a more harmonious human future. All the best!

  3. I’ve read a bunch here, and I like a lot! I’ve linked you on my own blog, and will be forwarding on some of my favorite posts to others (especially your compersion one! So cool!)

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