After we had been together for three years, he gave me a thing. He had been talking about it for a long time. He wanted my thing to be perfect, so he looked, patiently, with no regard to how long it may take, or how impatient I was with the waiting.

It was a lot of pressure. What if I didn’t like this thing he brought to me? I held the box in my hands, it was small and solid. I watched his face. He was nervous too. This man, this love of mine who also loved me, did not want to ever lose me. This thing was important.

He and I were the same in that moment. Tentative, somehow. Happy.

It was silver and heavy, with a purple stone. He put his favorite color on me. He knew I would like it, but it is not my favorite color.

It is his.

And that made me smile. wpid-2014-12-11-19.52.09.jpg.jpeg

3 thoughts on “~Purple~

  1. That is kinda perfect. The stone there is charoite. It’s found in only one place in the world and was discovered between the 1930’s and 1950’s. It’s a unique material and not actually considered a stone or a gem, but is its own thing… Uniquely beautiful. Gem people believe it wards off fear and anxiety and shows one they are secure. That’s a pretty fucking cool love gift.. If you ask me. Having said all that, it’s just beautiful and probably looks amazing with your coloring. 🙂 congrats you guys

    1. Oh my gosh. I didn’t know any of that. You’re right that IS cool! It’s funny, I started writing the story last night about how I had lost the bracelet, and how bad I felt that I couldn’t keep track of This One Thing, and how relieved and tearful I was when I found it again…. but the only words that came were the good words about how much it means to me. It’s not the thing. It’s the idea and the concept and the love. ♡

  2. This is very cool. My girlfriend and I are both on the fence about marriage, engagement etc and have talked at great length about a “we’re never leaving each other” ceremony. We’ve joked about getting each other Apple Watches when they come out. She would love your purple rock.

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