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There’s a tentative plan in place for me to meet CC’s parents next week when they are here for Thanksgiving. The idea that she and Special Man are going to come out as poly to them on Monday and then introduce then to their respective partners on Tuesday at a family dinner is mind boggling to me. It’s and interesting position for me to be in. I’m not emotionally vested in the opinion of her parents, but I am vested in CC and SM.  I want it to go well for them, and I’m also curious to experience a piece of this coming out from the fringes.  Although I’ve told my Dad everything, I’m still apprehensive about talking with my mother about polyamory. I’m planning to do it soon, within the next two months, and then have a sit down with my children. They all know the phrase non – monogamous and are aware that we are “non-exclusive”, but I want them to know about CC and the place she has in Special Man’s life. I’m also ready for her to meet them, though that will come when she is ready.

I’m teetering on the cusp of something I can’t quite put my finger on. I feel it in my bones: something new and exhilarating.  I need to stay mindful and aware of the things happening around me. 

I don’t want to miss anything.

4 thoughts on “~Wave~

  1. Good luck! I wish you and yours the best in this new chapter. Coming out, about anything that is socially not the norm, is a big step. Good for you and yours! I wish you all the very best, and remember, this lifestyle comes from a place of love.

  2. Good luck to all of you! I’m the only one in my core poly group who hasn’t come out to parents yet, and I have a lot of admiration for people who have (and empathy for people who haven’t).

  3. I wish you, CC, SM all the luck in this ….I imagine that will be an interesting sit down talk..

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